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Our experts are not only data specialists, but also masters in implementing Business Intelligence solutions. With years of experience to our credit, we are guided by the Phronesis philosophy that inspires our actions and decisions.


Data Warehouse as a Service offers a flexible, transparent and innovative model, transforming the way your business analyzes data.


Data Strategy

Data Strategy is a comprehensive product for organizations that want to maximize the potential of their data.



Data Transformation at full throttle. Build pipelines on the fly, manage data projects & transform data as a team.


People are the heart of any data strategy. It is critical that the data management team has the right knowledge, skills and experience. An important aspect is to understand the responsibilities of each member of the organization and define the appropriate roles. The role of management is defined as part of the strategy so that the management involved becomes the catalyst for change in the organization.


Data Strategy

Technology is the foundation of an effective data strategy. We match technology solutions to the organization’s profile to achieve maximum value and minimize risk. Our Data Strategy allows organizations to avoid technology debt and focuses on innovative technologies.

Transform your data faster. With the only code-first and GUI-driven solution. Manage changes to your data at scale. Standardize and govern work across data projects. Maximize your Snowflake investment. Uniquely built to take advantage of the Data Cloud.

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At Phronesis Path, we believe that it is possible to combine modern technology and ancient wisdom to offer clients services that combine the best of both worlds.

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